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2.20.14 Analog Improv from Miles Butterfield on Vimeo.

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11.12.13 from Miles Butterfield on Vimeo.

11.24.13 from Miles Butterfield on Vimeo.


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We’re now almost 10 months into the ThreeHives project. One track a month, from start to finish. It’s been an incredible test of not only my ability to create new material, but hone my skills in the production world. I have to credit that feat to the people I have spent time making this music with. Again, I invite you to listen to this at our site: and our SoundCloud page here.

In February, I began experiment with the modular synthesizer. Started with a small kit by the manufacture Pittsburgh Modular. Got a grasp of the basics and expanded. I’ve always had an admiration for the people who had the ability to make something from a series of unrelated parts, and that quality really stands out in the modular synth community.

Once the ThreeHives project is done (Jan 2014), I will begin working on a series of recordings revolving around a single modular system. This video I have recorded is the first “rough draft” of that project.

Pressure Points Jam from Miles Butterfield on Vimeo.


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A while back I had mentioned that I was recording some bass parts for a project unrelated to 3H. This turned out to be the song ‘Your Beautiful Face’ for my friend Patrick O’Leary’s new album. It was a really nice change of pace from the electronic madness of ThreeHives and let me kind of get back to what I was doing when I was playing jazz. ‘Every Waking Hour’ is a really awesome record, super relaxed, the kind of stuff you’d wanna listen to in the summer after a long day. So when Patrick asked me to play this stuff live for the release, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

The show is on April 8th at Black Lotus Brewing Company in Clawson, MI. The whole thing goes off around 9ish. More details and future updates will be available here. Physical copies will be available there for $10 and it’s up on iTunes right now!


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To the inside

Interesting time here. Messenger got picked up by the Metro Times, listed as their download of the week. What a cool way to start our year long endeavor. I really appreciate Brett at Metro Times for sitting down and listening to a bunch of weirdos making noises with synthesizers.

February, we released another track, ‘To the Inside.’ The last song for a while featuring David on guitars, who has decided to take some time away. We wish him the best and will continue to soldier forward with our project. ‘To the Inside’ is another track available for free on our bandcamp page. GET IT HERE!

Next month will be something special. Probably the only month we will put out something of this nature. But who’s to say? We’re flying by the seat of our pants, really. All I can say right now is that it’s dripping with modular synth and some parts are glitchy as hell. Really fun project, I’m excited to share it.

The Vitis Vinyfera stuff has been moved to the ¬†back burner due to all the music. It will be back later this year. Been working on a way to boil things down without feeling like I’m covering the same territory over and over.




My band, ThreeHives, has put out a new track. ‘Messenger’ is the first of a year long project that we’ve embarked on to put out a new song, every month. All tracks will be released as free downloads. This link is where you can listen to and download all of the upcoming material.




Things here have been busy the past few months. More ThreeHives performances and another record ramping up. From a performance standpoint, it’s much different than the previous three EPs. I’ll probably start posting little clips of things here as it progresses.

Continuum has something coming about. Hard to tell what it is at this point (even though the process has taken quite a long time). I’m hopeful, but we’ll see where that path leads us.

The biggest thing has been some of the other work I’ve picked up. All of which are way beyond things I’ve done in the past. Can’t give away the whole farm here, but I can tell that it’s vastly different from my work with ThreeHives and Continuum.

I look forward to presenting this…